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Welcome to Harley Davidson Trike Tours Melbourne where the Adrenaline and journey begins. Life is beyond the adventures we experience every day. Therefore the most thrilling ones are yet to come. Go try booking a ride at Harley Davidson Trike Tours Melbourne to experience this and explore all the beautiful sights of Melbourne.

Every corner is more than what we think it is, especially when you are out there on your Harley Davidson Stretch Trike ride. Get in touch with us to inquire about our Trikes and rates, and we look forward to getting you out there on one of our exhilarating Tours.

How We Started

Andrew started this business with a passion in mind, and after owning a Harley Davidson motorbike for the past 5 years and seeing other operators offering Joyrides overseas, he came up with the idea to start here in Melbourne by providing the first 3-wheeler Stretch Harley Davidson Trike , capable of carrying two passengers.

As you can see below the stages we went through from base factory model to have the trike professionally modified to carry 2 passengers, and then look like it was an original factory finished product.

Mission-Vision Statement

Our goal is to offer Melbourne its first Harley Davidson Stretch Trike, with the capacity to carry 2 passengers you can enjoy the Adrenaline and thrills of a joyride around Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs. We will give our clients the feeling of satisfaction, and an experience to remember on a ride throughout the scenic parts of this beautiful city on the back of a Harley Davidson Trike.

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